Wild Flowers and Meadows

A wildflower meadow

Fields of Dreams? Yes, but you don’t need acres of space to create a wildflower section in your garden. The wildflower meadows as seen in the Olympic Park back in 2012 were heralded as a great success and has sparked people’s imagination and requests for information since then have certainly picked up!

ProGroundCare will visit your site and undertake a free soil analysis to determine the suitability for planting a variety of wildflower seeds; if the soil is too fertile, we may have to remove the topsoil or treat it with Glyphosate that will reduce fertility and discourage competition from weeds and grasses.

First-year maintenance calls for a high cut around every second month then future years require just high cuts in Spring and Autumn so maintenance is really very low and very simple.

Please call Richard or Deborah to arrange a free soil analysis and a no-obligation quote on 01480 812 393.

ProGroundCare covers the key towns of Cambridge, Peterborough and Bedford, the market towns of Huntingdon, St Ives, St Neots and Ramsey in Hunts, and the many rural towns and villages among and between.