Local Authorities, County & Parish Councils

Weeds in public spaces can cause a nuisance and create real safety issues. For example, on the UK’s transport network, weeds can obscure warning and direction signs, obstruct visibility for drivers, disrupt tarmac and clog drains which leads potentially to dangerous driving conditions. Weed growth can not only make an urban area look untidy and run down, but it can also create a real hazard by disrupting and raising walking surfaces and sports areas, creating trip points and generating remedial engineering work downstream.

Please read on to understand our approach to weed control in public spaces:-

  • Technicians are trained and certificated PA1 and PA6 spraying licenses
  • Approved and well serviced professional equipment
  • Professional planning, preparations
  • Consideration is given to most efficient treatment timings
  • Fully indemnified through Public Liability insurance ProGroundCare offer total weed control treatments in public areas and spaces such as kerbsides, playgrounds, around garages and lock-ups and will quote and tender for chemical weed control contracts using best practice methods following Amenity Government directives and regulation.
  • Recognise Government Legislation and Amenity Forum best practice
  • Best practice – risk assessment audit, climatic conditions, and record-keeping
  • Appreciation to effect on watercourses where relevant
  • Operators are fully health and safety aware
  • Chemical storage and handling is COSHH approved
  • Tender pricing is accordant with a proven professional and experienced practice
  • Weed control programme and expectations well documented and understood
  • References available on request