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Commercial Property Grounds Maintenance

Brand image and first impressions are critical features impacting the behaviour of both an existing and a potential customers; maintaining the  grounds surrounding your commercial premises also sends a positive message to employees and colleagues.

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Whether you run a Hotel, Pub, Social Club, any premises with a forecourt or even a Unit within a Business Park a tidier outside sends a strong message about you.

ProGroundCare can take care of this for your business by eradicating unsightly undergrowth, weeds and moss with our two applications a year programme.  Where algae is present on paving stones (very slippery when wet) we can apply a solution to make this far safer on which to walk.

Our commercial property maintenance package will:

  • Eradicate unsightly weeds and brush
  • Treat and clear moss
  • Remove algae from paved areas

Please call us on 01480 812 393 for more details.

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