About Us


Paddocks for grazing animals can easily become over grazed and tired if left to their own devices, so if you are looking for a solution to rejuvenate your paddocks then we are able to help. We offer a full range of treatments for paddocks. Click here to find out more.

Commercial Property Grounds Maintenance

Creating a lasting first impression is crucial for every business and this extends to the tidiness of offices and buildings. If you are looking to keep the outside of your business premises clear of weeds and moss, then we are able to help. With just two applications a year we can eradicate unsightly undergrowth and weeds. Click here to find out more.

Sports Grounds / Pitchcare

If your sports grounds are starting to look bare and are in need of renovation and turf management then we are able to help. We offer a “Sports Pitch Programme” that takes into account the increased wear and tear upon pitches as well as the decreased budgets that are available. If you would like to find out more about our programme, please click here.

Local Authorities, County and Parish Councils

If you are looking for a professional partner to work with you to keep the public areas in your local Parish or Town clear of weeds then we could be the partner you are looking for. We offer a full range of total weed control solutions, and can quote to tender following the Amenity Government directives and regulations. Click here to find out more about how we can help you.