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Who we are, what we do and how we do it

Welcome to ProGroundCare – a specialist division of ProLawnCare, an independent family run Lawn Care business established in 2000 with a passion for creating and maintaining lawns of all shapes, sizes and conditions. ProGroundCare offers fully licensed services to local authorities responsible for sports grounds, verges, public spaces as well as organisations who manage bowling greens or cricket grounds. Treating paddocks and creating wildflower meadows is also a speciality of ProGroundCare.

We can manage your paddocks, sports grounds, meadows and Public spaces in Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and East Northamptonshire.  ProGroundCare is proud to be a member of the UK Lawn Care Association.

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What we do

  Sports Grounds

Among the many challenges of modern day sports turf management is the wear and tear from increased usage and decreasing budgets.

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  Cricket - Squares and Outfields

ProGroundCare has years of experience managing the Buckden Cricket Club square and outfield so if you’d like to see our work there by all means pop down and take a critical look; the ground is at PE19 5UY.

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  Bowling Greens

Bowling Greens, typically up to 1,600 square metres of pristine grass cover, can be a very challenging task for the Club to manage without some professional help.

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Horse care is always an expensive business, with feed costs forever on the increase. This is why regular paddock maintenance is so important as part of your healthy animal welfare regime.

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  Commercial Property Grounds Maintenance

Brand image and first impressions are critical features impacting the behaviour of both an existing and a potential customers; maintaining the  grounds surrounding your commercial premises also sends a positive message to employees and colleagues.

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  Local Authorities, County & Parish Councils

Weeds in public spaces can cause a nuisance and create real safety issues. For example, on the UK’s transport network, weeds can obscure warning and direction signs, obstruct visibility for drivers, disrupt tarmac and clog drains which leads potentially to dangerous driving conditions.

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  Irrigation Systems

ProGroundCare will assess your requirements and recommend a solution ideally based on your domestic water access.  However, if a bigger more complex solution is needed, we can investigate installation of a bore hole to extract natural water to irrigate the lawns.

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  Wild Flowers and Meadows

Fields of Dreams? Yes, but you don’t need acres of space to create a wildflower section in your garden. The wildflower meadows as seen in the Olympic Park back in 2012 were heralded as a great success and has sparked people’s imagination and requests for information since then have certainly picked up!

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What Our Customers Say

  • Thank you for doing such a great job on the moss - the lawn is looking so healthy! If the weeds can be dealt with to the same extent then I'll be very impressed indeed. Thanks again. Mr Hales

    Mr Hales

  • We've had ProLawn look after our lawn for more than 2 years and are delighted with the result. All of the team are first rate and go that extra mile. If you've not used them give them a try. You won't be disappointed

    Mr M - St. Neots

  • Grass was FAB by the way, thank you so much, we are very pleased by the results. We have a wild flower meadow adjacent and 'crowd had invaded the pitch' it didn't really look like a lawn anymore. Its now green and lucsious, money very well spent !! kind regards

    Sarah from Houghton

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